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Multiflex is a spirally wound double ply flexible flue liner with a smooth inner flue way and robust outer skin. The wall of the inner liner is formed by two over lapping strips of 0.1mm thick 316Ti (titanium) grade austenitic stainless steel. The overall wall thickness of the liner including the external profile is 4.5mm. The liner can operate safely at normal working temperatures of 500°C and also withstand thermal shock at 1000°C.  Multiflex is quick and easy to install but must be installed in one complete length and the right way round with the directional arrows printed on the liner pointing towards the chimney termination and away from the appliance. It is suitable for use with coal, wood, oil or gas burning appliances and open fires. A range of accessories are also available such as spigot adaptors, clamping plates and terminal guards. Multiflex is also available with an inner wall of grade 904 Stainless Steel which offers considerably enhanced corrosion resistance and is recommended to be used when the stove has a back boiler fitted.


  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Range of Sizes 4” to 8”
  • Corrugated Finish
  • Easy to Install
  • Strong & Flexible
  • CE Approved

Technical Data:


Outer Liner Material: 0.1mm 316L Stainless Steel
Inner Liner Material: 0.1mm 316Ti or 904 Stainless Steel
Flexible Liner Diameters:

4”(100mm), 5”(125mm), 6”(150mm), 7”(175mm) & 8”(200mm)

Flexible Liner Pack Lengths: 20 Ft (6m), 30 Ft (9m), 40 Ft (12m) 
Surface Finish: Corrugated Stainless Steel 
Maximum Temperature:  500°C
Conform To: EN1856-2
Approvals: CE Approved