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Enamelex Vitreous Flue System

Enamelex Vitreous Flue Systems


The Enamelex Vitreous Flue System is available in 4 diameters; 125 mm (5”), 150 mm (6”), 175mm (7”) and 200mm (8”). It is an internally and externally vitreous enameled flue system designed for use as a connecting flue pipe between the heating appliance and chimney. The vitreous enamel coating is applied to a “butt weld jointed” 1.2mm thick zero carbon mild steel and, as required by BS 6999 and complies with the enameling procedures and requirements dictated by BS 1344: Parts, 1- 3. Stainless Steel access doors are secured using domed stainless steel nuts which are tightened onto external studs which have been welded in place prior to enameling to ensure an unbroken enamel coating. All fittings push together with a spigot socket joint, (socket uppermost), and are sealed with fire cement. Enamelex is not recommended for use with condensing appliances



  • Tough Enamel Coating
  • 1.2mm Zero Carbon Steel
  • Range of Sizes 5” to 8”
  • Matt or Gloss Black
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Stainless Steel Access Doors
  • Adjustable Lengths Available
  • CE Approved

Technical Data:


Flue Material: 1.2mm Zero Carbon Steel
Flue & Fitting Diameters:

4”(100mm), 5”(125mm), 6”(150mm), 7”(175mm) & 8”(200mm)

Flue Lengths: 1 Ft (300mm), 2 Ft (600mm), 3 Ft (900mm) & 4 Ft (1200mm).
Surface Finish: Matt or Gloss Enamel Coating  
Maximum Temperature:  600°C
Conform To: BS 6999
  BS 1344: Parts 1 - 3
  BS EN ISO 28706-1: 2011
  EN 1856-2
Approvals: CE Approved