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Bitumen Based Aluminium Sealing Tape


Aluminium coloured, self-adhesive sealing tape based on bitumen is used for sealing joints, seams and cracks. It is suitable for use on almost all surfaces, such as stone, concrete, lead, zinc, aluminium, glass, wood and various synthetics. It can be used for internal and external applications, such as drain pipes, ducts, roof covering, corrugated plates, chimneys, window frames, greenhouses and skylights.



  • Water Resistant
  • Resistant to all Types of Weather
  • UV Resistant
  • Cold & Heat Resistant
  • Ease of Application
  • Can be Painted

Technical Data:


Chemical Base: Bitumen 
Colour: Aluminium
Roll Width: 50mm
Roll Length 10 Meters
Application Temperature: > 5°C
Water Resistance: Very Good 
UV Resistance: Very Good
Chemical resistance: Not Resistant to Solvents

Paintable with latex paint / alkyd resin paint

(test in advance).