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SolarDek Roof Flashing


Where pipework passes from the Solar Panels into the building, water proofing the passage can sometimes be difficult. The SolarDek Flashing resolves that problem and can be easily applied on just about any roof covering and at angles of between flat and 45°. SolarDek combines the quality polymer Dektite with a Nu-Lead base featuring a unique Thermo-Baked Acrylic Primer coating, Acrylead, which prevents leaching of lead oxides. This stops corrosion and staining and makes handling much safer for installers. Acrylead has been extensively tested under extreme exposure conditions by Consolidated Alloys, and conforms to AS1804-1976. As a primer coating, Acrylead is easily painted to match any roof colour using conventional acrylic paint. SolarDek also incorporates a cable nipple is available in single & double outlet versions.



  • Tough Watertight Seal
  • Wont Stain or Corrode
  • Suited to High Temperatures
  • High Grade, Long Life Silicone
  • Nu-Lead® base for safe Handling
  • Incorporates a Cable Nipple
  • Can be Painted to Match Roof

Technical Data:


Flashing Material: Nu-Lead
Pipe & Cable Nipple Material: Silicone
Shore Harness: 65 Shore A
Pipe Size Range – Round: 0mm – 35mm
Roof Pitch: 0 - 45°
Base Dimensions: 490mm x 410mm
Temperature Range:  -60°C - 200°C up to 250°C Intermittently
Conforms to: AS1804 –1976