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Bathroom Fans

Bathroom Fans

Excel Industries provides a range of Novoterm and Manrose Wall and Ceiling Fans for the use in bathroom ventilation systems. Ventilation systems are used in bathrooms to withdraw bad odours and to prevent condensation forming.

Novoterm Series

There are two series in the Novoterm range the standard series and the slimline series. The standard series has outlet diameter of 100mm, there are two versions one is switched on & off using a pull cord and the other is turned on & off by an independent switch key or light switch. The slimline series is available with 3 different outlet diameters 100mm, 120mm and 150mm. There are four options to turn on & off the fans, the first is standard method whereby it’s turned on & off using an independent switch key or light switch, the second it is turned on and off using a pull cord, the third involves the use of a timer switch with a regulation between 1 to 20 min and the forth incorporates a hydrostat to detect moisture levels this can be adjusted to detect 40% to 100% moisture content it then activates a timer switch that can be regulated from 1 to 20 minutes.



Manrose Series

In the Manrose range all outlet diameters are 4” there are three different versions the first is 4” Shower Light Kit in this kit the shower light is built into the center of the ventilation grill, attached to that is some flexible ducting which is attached to an in line fan and then the ducting continues to vent outside the building. These kits are available with a Chrome or White grille and with either a standard or Timer switch. The second Manrose kit is a 4” Shower/In-Line Fan kit this kit contains an internal and external grille, a length of flexible ducting and an inline shower fan. The grilles are fitted over the shower and venting to the outside respectively these are joined using the flexible ducting with the inline fan mounted somewhere in between. The final type of Manrose Fan available is the stand alone 4” Low Profile Fan this comes in two shapes circular or square and is available in either a white or chrome finish you can choose either a standard or timer switch operation.