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Site Supplies Lighting & Spares

Site Supplies, Lighting & Spares

Excel Industries provides a selection of Site Supplies, Lighting and Spares for use on building sites and workshop floors. All accessories are designed, manufactured and tested to relevant Irish and European standards, all Industrial Leads are fully tested in our R&D Test Laboratory and a certificate of the test results are provided with each Lead supplied. The leads and equipment can be broken into two groups depending on there voltage either 110 volts or 240 volts.

Low Voltage Site Supplies

110 Voltage yellow cables and tools are used on all portable site and workshop equipment. In this country all mains power is about 240 volts, at this voltage an electric shock could prove fatal therefore we use a step down transformer to reduce the voltage to a safer 110 volts. Excel provides two types of 110 volt transformers a 1KVA & 3.3KVA each transformer comes with a twin output and has a 240v plug fitted on the input side. 110v extension leads are also available there is the standard 110v 16amp heavy duty extension leads they come in two lengths 14 & 20 meters, the other type is a 5 meter 110v 16amp extension lead with a 4 way splitter at the end. The 110v 18W Fluorescent site lights can either be mounted on a tripod or lean to ground stand, each stand has two 110v distribution outlets. Replacement yellow 110v 16amp plugs and sockets are also available.



Mains Voltage Supplies

240 voltage extension leads are also available, industrial extension leads are made from 240v 16amp 3 x 2.5mm² steel wire armoured cable and come in three standard lengths 15, 20 & 25 meters, they have a blue industrial plug or socket at either end. There is also a 25m & 40m 1.5mm² 240v cable reel extension lead that has a three pin plug at one end and a double socket at the other end. Conversion leads enable you to convert from 240v 13amp 3 pin plugs to an industrial 240v 16amp socket and visa versa. Replacement blue 240v 16amp plugs and sockets are also available.