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Drills & Fixings

Drills & Fixings




Excel Industries stocks a broad range of Drill Bits most commonly used in the home and workplace. Included in this range are SDS Hammer Drill Bits for use on hard concrete aggregates and similar materials, there are 28 different sizes ranging from 5mm through to 20mm.

We also provide a set of drill bits for the rapid penetration of hard woods, Formica and particle boards these range in size from 3mm through to 38mm, sizes 3mm to 8mm are 3 point HSS Twist Drill Bits above this size Flat Wood Boring Bits (spade point) with an overall length of 152mm are used.

For tougher materials we provide High Speed Drill Bits these perform well in a broad range of materials within the iron and steel families, there are 17 different sizes ranging from 1.5mm through to 13mm.

We also stock three different types of Diamond Impregnated Screwdriver Bits, these include: Phillips sizes 1, 2 & 3, Slotted sizes 4.5 to 8mm and Pozi Bits sizes 1, 2 & 3 these bits are hardwearing and precision made to ensure ease of use and a long service life in the workplace.




Excel Industries also stock a large range of Fixings which include Brass Wood Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Zinc Plated Wood Screws, Nails, Metal & Plastic Easi Drives, Anchor Bolts and an assortment of Nylon Wall Plugs.

Our large range of anchor bolts for fixings to masonry walls include: Wall anchors ranging in size from M4 x 21mm through to M8 x 90mm, Express/Compression Nails that range in size from M5x26mm through to M8x180mm and Sleeve anchors that are available in Through Bolt and Closed Bolt type and range in size from M6 x 45mm through to M16 x 200mm.

We also stock Metal & Plastic Easi Drive Anchors these are typically used for fixings onto plasterboard where there is no timber baton available to screw into, that large screw thread makes a tight grip to the plasterboard. Each Anchor comes with a Pan Head Screw.