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Gaskets Washers and Sealants

Gaskets, Washers and Sealants




Excel Industries provides a number of heat and fire resistant products that can be used to seal or repair leaks in Boiler, Stoves, Fireplaces, Furnaces and Furnace Doors etc…

Superlux gasket making board is a rigid panel made from a mixture of superwool fibres, refractory fillers, organic and inorganic binders. Superlux is suitable for all applications up to 1000°C and comes in a range of sizes from 12” x 12” through to 1.2m x 1.0m and is 10mm thick, the board is easily die cut or can be cut with a hacksaw blade allowing precise shapes to be made.

Fireseal is a quick setting, odourless, sealing compound to seal leaks in boilers, stoves, fireplaces, furnaces and furnace doors etc… This refractory putty can be easily spread on joints at high temperature (1200°C) to make them perfectly sealed.

Glass Fibre Rope comes in two lengths 5 meters or 30 meters and range of diameters is from 8mm through to 25mm. It is typically used to seal around the edges of furnace or cooker doors and for sealing flue pipes.

Plumba flue is a one component high temperature acetoxy silicone sealant suitable for sealing and bonding applications exposed to high temperatures, such as sealing gas flues, Aga range cookers and ovens. It can withstand short term temperature of up to 300°C and long term temperatures of 250°C.

Termotite is a sodium silicate (water glass) viscous solution used to fix ceramic fibres and other high temperature resistant seals to metal and glass surfaces. Typical uses include applying replacement seals to boilers, stove and room heater doors.




Excel Industries has a range of washers and seals that are commonly required for the repair of leaky valves and fittings. Rubber Tap Washers come in three sizes ⅜”, ½” and ¾” and can be used to repair a leaky tap.

Red Fibre washers which are used with a swivel nut tap connector to join a branch of the piping system to the appropriate service, because it is made from a fibre as opposed to rubber there is no slippage or distortion due to over tightening of the joint. They come in three sizes ½”, ¾” and 1”.

Red Fibre Blanking Cap Washers are used with blanking caps to give a water tight seal to an unused outlet. They come in a range of sizes from ½” through to 2”.

PVC washers come with an internal diameter ranging from of ½” through to 1½” and have a relatively larger outer diameter, they are 1.5mm thick. PVC washers can be used in any number of situations but are commonly found on the water side of tank connections or between a tap and a basin.




Excel Industries provides a number of products for sealing various types of joints and pipe connections these included metal threaded pipes, plastic waste pipes, copper joints and steel ducting. When choosing a product to seal a joint or a pipe connection it is important to consider the fluid within the system for example is it water, gas or LPG because some sealants are more suitable to certain applications than others.

PTFE is the most common form of sealant for threaded joints, there are two types one is suitable for applications when water is involved and the other is a thicker tape and is used in gas installations.

Vicky Green Paste or Boss white is used along with plumber’s hemp for sealing threaded joints and fittings in gas, hot and cold water, oil and air pipes but is not suitable for LPG or oxygen pipelines.

Sealtite is designed to be used for threaded joints in metal pipework carrying gas, oils, refrigerant fluids, LPG etc… and between the temperatures -50°C to 150°C. Only a few drops are necessary to produce a very secure and sealed joint.

Fustite should be used on rigid P.V.C pipes and fittings to obtain strong solvent welded joints. Always apply solvent in a well ventilated space and avoid breathing in the fumes.

For copper joints Excel Industries has a large range of products to help achieve a good quality soldered joint, these include leaded and unleaded solder wire, powerflow flux, LA-Co flux, ever flux, steel wool flame resistant soldering mats, heat barrier gel and Blow Torches.


Excel Industries also has a range of Tapes for repair, maintenance, sealing and general waterproofing they are easy to apply with minimum surface preparation. Some of the tapes we provide include: Aluminium Foil Tape, Paper Masking Tape, Electrical Insulating Tape (to BS3924), Black Polythene Joint Tape, Hazard Warning Tape, Gas Identification Tape, Greased Scrim Tape, Hi-tact Silver Duct Tape and Special Tapes.