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Excel Industries also stock a large range of Fixings which include Brass Wood Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Zinc Plated Wood Screws, Nails, Metal & Plastic Easi Drives, Anchor Bolts and an assortment of Nylon Wall Plugs.

Solid brass self colour Woodscrews are designed with a plain shank and threaded portion terminating in a gimlet point and come with either a slotted countersunk head or a slotted roundhead. These are suitable for decorative finishes such as furniture accessories made from brass for example hinges, bathroom and shelf Fittings and handles.

Case Hardened steel zinc plated self tapping screws are designed to tap their own thread form in the mating material; these are particularly useful when joining sheet metals together there is no need for a separate tapping operation.

Bright zinc plated Wood Screws have been hardened and lubricated, they are not only designed for chipboard and MDF applications but also for use with soft and hardwoods. They Features a 25°point angle for easy location and start, and a single start thread. These features ensure resistance to pull out in chipboard applications, and generally avoid the need for a pilot hole.