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Tube Brackets

Tube Brackets



Excel Industries provides a number of products that allows you to support and fix piping to a wall. Gun Barrel Pipe brackets are available in both black steel or galvanised finishes and are quite robust and are typically used to support gun barrel piping.

Saddle Clips are available in two materials copper and galvanised steel and are typically used to fix pipes when they are hidden eg. Under floorboards or behind walls.

Brass and chrome plated pipe brackets that are a similar style as the GB brackets but with a much nicer finish are also available, these would typically be used when pipe work is exposed and a decorative finish is required.

Nails clips are a very quick way to attach pipes to timber and masonry walls they come in two sizes ½” and ¾”. Plastic pipe clips are available as singles or doubles, opened or closed and in two colours white or brown PVC.

We also stock a range of Nylon Cable ties there are various colours to suit different applications natural, black, brown, blue, red and grey. The natural colour cable ties range in size from 2.5 x 100mm through to 7.6 x 400mm while the other colours are available in 3 sizes 2.5 x 100mm, 2.5 x 200mm and 4.6 x 200mm.