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Flexible Hose Connections

Flexible Hose Connections



General Description

The Excel Industries comprehensive range of Flexible Plumbing Connectors designed for use throughout the plumbing, heating and air conditioning industries. They provide installation solutions to many pipework problems associated with tight or limited space. They are also ideal where easy access is required to move and service plant or equipment which can be maintained without the need to disconnect plumbing fittings.

They are suitable for connecting numerous different appliances including cylinders, tanks, pumps, showers, taps, water heaters, boilers, air conditioning units and vending machines to name but a few. They are also extremely useful for running long lengths of pipe incorporating many different changes in direction.

Whilst the hoses are suitable for potable water, they can also be used to connect devices using a range of liquid chemicals, details of which can be seen in the technical specifications on the member web-page. Hoses with full WRC approval are also available; please specify at time of ordering.

Technical Specifications

The hose core is made from non-toxic EPDM rubber, a material known and proven world wide for its ability to withstand extreme wear and temperature conditions. The hose is full bore and so permits the full flow of water through the assembly.

The metal outer sheath is made from non-corrosive type 304 bright stainless steel braid which is firmly secured at each end of the hose length in a clamped collar forming part of the appropriate termination. This mechanically armoured casing enables the hose to be safely applied in almost any environment and provides for the possibility of service with high temperature and pressure.

Metal termination connections are manufactured from brass and are chrome plated (except for push-fit terminations). They are secured to the ends of the hose with a mechanical clamping process which enables the assembled hose to accommodate an internal pressure of up to 10 bar.

Operating Performance:

Max. Operating Pressure:10bar

Max. Operating Temperature:85°C

Min. Operating Temperature:5°C

Product Range

Standard overall lengths are available in 500mm, 1 metre and 2 metre lengths. There are nine different termination types; straight compression, elbow compression, straight push fit, elbow push fit, isolating straight compression, isolating straight push fit, straight swivel BSP, knuckle elbow swivel BSP and bend swivel BSP. This means there are 81 different combinations of hose available. They are available for the Irish market for the following three sizes ½”, ¾” &1” and are also available for the UK market for the following three sizes; 15mm, 22mm & 25mm. A handy matrix ordering pad is available from Excel Industreies to assist in choosing the correct assembly.