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Flamco Smartvent


The Flamco Smartvent combines both a highly efficient air and dirt separation system in one compact unit. Air and dirt in a system cause problems such as unnecessary faults and extra wear or noise, but also lead to disruption of the system, lower heat transfer and reduced pump performance. The air particles automatically rise to the air release valve device at the top of the unit. Particles are passed along bulkheads and trapped in the enclosure thanks to the low flow velocity. A supermagnet additionally helps to trap ferrous particles. An important advantages of this unit is the low energy consumption and the high removal performance for each passage of the water through the system.



  • 60% better performance compared to conventional air and dirt separators.


  • Unique flow velocities, up to 3 m/s.


  • Compact dimensions, light weight.


  • Extremely low flow resistance.


  • Consistent performance throughout its service life.
Material: Brass & Plastic Construction
Inlet/Outlet Sizes:  ¾” BSP 
Max. Pressure: 10 bar 
Max. Venting Pressure: 4 bar 
Max. Temperature: 120°C
Weight: 1.5 Kg