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Manual Air Vents


Excel Industries provides a wide range of products for air and water pressure control required in many central heating and water services applications. These products include air vents, safety valves, pressure gauges, water pressure equalizing valves, differential by-pass valves and water pressure test kits.

An Air Vent is designed to discharge air from and admit air into a water pipe system. They are commonly used on central heating systems to overcome the problem of air lock; they should be at any point in the pipe work of the system where air and expansion gases accumulate and cannot be removed through the normal system venting arrangement.


  • Full Brass Construction


  • Range of Sizes Available


  • Easy to Fit


  • Can be Opened with Standard Radiator venting key
Material: Brass
Sizes:  ⅛”, ¼”, ½” BSP & ½” IR Compression
Max. Pressure: 10 bar 
Max. Venting Pressure: 4 bar 
Max. Temperature: 85°C