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Balancing Valve

This static balancing valve is used to achieve a hydronic balance between various circuits in a heating, cooling or tap water system. It incorporates a variable orifice instead of a fixed orifice and is ideally located on the secondary side of the system.


  • Body material is bronze for its resistance to corrosion
  • Shut off zero leakage, safe and reliable.
  • Y type body design, higher flow rate, 15~20% more than T type.
  • Lockable position, avoids errors during operation.
  • Variable orifice body, accurate regulation
  • Easy for pre-setting and reduces commissioning costs.
  • Pressure tapping points available for different flow testing equipment.
Technical Data:  
Medium: Water or 50% glycol mixing solution
Nominal pressure: PN 25
Temperature range

-10°C ~120°C

Maximum Working pressure 25 bar
Maximum shell test pressure: 37.5 bar 
Maximum seat test pressure: 16 bar
Body Material: Bronze EN1982CC491K
Internal Brass Components: Brass CW617N
Sealing Rings: Rubber EPDM
Product standard: BS 7350: 1990
Connection standard: BS EN 10226-1
Pressure test standard: BS EN 12266-2003