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Inline Flow Meter

Inline Flow Meter

These Inline Flow Metres are a convenient and economical way of measuring and setting the flow rate in a heating or plumbing system. These flow meters are made of brass and feature a viewing window which indicates the flow of water through them. The stainless steel screwdriver ball valve allows you to adjust and set the flowrate if required. The 1"MI x 3/4"FI model is calibrated to measure a flow of between 1 and 13 litres per minute, while the 1"MI x 1"MI model is calibrated to measure a flow of between 5 and 40 litres per minute. The valve can be installed in a horizontal, vertical or inclined position. Ensure that the arrow is pointing in the direction of the flow.


  • Solid Brass Construction


  • Measures Litres per Minute


  • Isolation / Adjustment Valve


  • BSP Connections


  • 2 Flow Ranges Available
Technical Data:  
Valve Material: Brass
Nominal pressure: 10 Bar
Inlet/Outlet Size & Flow Range:


1”MI x ¾”FI: 1 – 13 Litres per Minute
1”MI x 1” MI: 10 – 40 Litres per Minute
Measuring Accuracy: +/- 10%
Temperature Range: 5 - 85°C
Medium: Water or 50% glycol mixing solution