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The Glycerine filled Oil Pressure Gauge is suitable for the measurement of pressure in fluid or gases up to 25 Bar when the fluids are not highly viscous. This range of Bourdon tube pressure gauges has stainless steel cases, copper alloy movement, non-splintering clear PMMA plastic windows and the gauges are intended for use in adverse service conditions where pulsation or vibration exists. They are suitable for gaseous or liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system or attack copper alloy parts.  Scales are in both bar and psi. The gauges can be supplied with a flexible hose separately to allow pressure measurement a difficult to access places.


  • Suitable for Fluids & Gases
  • Glycerine Filled Gauge
  • ¼” BSP Bottom Connection
  • Range of Pressures 0 – 25 Bar
  • Flexible Hose available Separately
  • Metric (bar) & Imperial (psi) Scales

Technical Data:


Bourbon Tube Material: Copper
Inlet Connection Material: Brass
Housing  Stainless Steel 
Connection Size: ¼” BSP Bottom Entry
Pressure Range: 0 - 6 Bar
Temperature Range: -20 - 65°C
Gauge Dial Diameter: 63mm