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Protex is a range of chemically formulated products for use in wet central heating systems.  They are designed to combat the problems of corrosion, scaling and sludge inherent in central heating systems.

Scaling in wet central heating systems is caused if hard water is present in the system which causes hardened deposits of lime to form on the hottest surfaces. Protex De-scaler will dissolve scale build-up in the system. Protex De-Scaler is suitable for all new indirect central heating systems including those containing aluminium, the health and Safety Data Sheets should be consulted before use.


  • Protects against corrosion and limescale
  • Extends system life
  • Prevents radiator cold spots
  • Helps to prevent boiler noise
  • Controls microbial growth within the system
  • Reduces the need for frequent radiator venting

Technical Data:


Appearance: Opaque Liquid
Odour: Characteristic odour
Freezing Point: 0ºc
Boiling Point:  100ºc Approx.
Density: 1.1 TO 1.3 g/ccm
pH Value:  < 2 In Concentrate
Packaging: 1L & 20L Containers



Protex De-Scaler is a chemically formulated product for the use in wet central heating systems. It offers extended protection against corrosion, scale build up, boiler noise and hydrogen gassing when introduced to a thoroughly cleaned system. It is suitable for all mixed metal systems including those containing aluminium elements.

The recommended in-use concentration of the product is 1%. 1 Litre of Protex De-Scaler is all that is required to treat a typical 100L domestic central heating system. For larger systems or trade applications 20 Litre drums are also available. Each 1 litre Protex container includes a label to be appropriately located advising the CH system user that Protex has/is being used in the system. A multiple supply of the same label is supplied with the 20 Litre Protex drum.


Directions for Use:

  1. Shake container well before use.


  1. Switch off boiler and drain system to remove any loose deposits


  1. While refilling the system add Protex De-Scaler carefully..


  1. When the system is full again turn on boiler and pump and circulate for four to six hours. Ensure radiators are vented frequently during this procedure.


  1. Drain the system totally. Refill using water, circulate for 10 minutes and drain off in order to rinse. This rinsing procedure is repeated.


  1. Finally refill the system and treat with Protex Inhibitor to prevent against further scale formation and corrosion.


  1. Use the self-adhesive label to register date of application.



The product may be stored at normal ambient temperatures and has a shelf life of not less than 24 months with correct storage.