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The Protex Magnetic Filters work by creating a loading zones that collect magnetic iron and steel particles. Magnets are geometrically arranged to form a magnetic field having a non-uniform magnetic strength. Particles are most effectively separated when there is a strong magnetic gradient (rate of change of field strength with distance) from low to high. In other words, the higher the magnetic gradient, the stronger the attracting magnetic force acting on particles drawing them toward the loading zones. The strength of the magnetic gradient is determined by flux density, spacing and alignment of the magnets. Water flows in through the redirector then enters the middle part of the magnetic filter, ferrous particles are then drawn by the magnetic rod, non-ferrous particles will be filtered by Stainless steel mesh. Filtered water will flow along the interior wall and finally flow out of the magnetic filter. The unit can be easily installed on a vertical or horizontal return flow pipework to the boiler.


  • Removes Iron, Nickel & Cobalt Particles in the Water
  • Maximum Surface Magnetic Field: 12000 Gauss
  • Energy Saving Device
  • Protects the Boiler
  • Reduces Carbon Emissions
  • Saves on Maintenance Costs
  • No Extra Operating Costs
  • Easy to Install & Clean
  • Cartridge Spanner Included

Technical Data:


Material: Brass & GFR PA66
Colour: Natural Brass & Black
Ball Valve Inlet / Outlet Connections: ¾” Irish Compression EN1254-2
Magnet Diameter: 18.5mm
Magnetic Power: 12000 Gauss
Tank Capacity: 530ml
Max Temperature: 70°C
Max Pressure: 10 bar
Flowrate: See Attached
Weight: 1.8 kg