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The Protex Proflush Power Flushing and Descaling Pump is designed for flushing central heating systems to resolve circulation and boiler noise problems caused by the accumulation of sludge, corrosion deposits and scale. The unit incorporates multi-functional isolation/dump valves with protective plate, a flow directional control valve, a 90° rotating fresh water tap and a carrying bag to store hoses, a funnel and a selection of various fittings. Available separately is the “Supameg Compact” which is a magnetic iron oxide and sludge remover (see data sheet attached) and an optional trolley with large diameter “Stair” wheels and handle that can be tilted up wards.


  • Professional power flushing and descaling pump.
  • Designed to attain a High flushing Flow rate.
  • Operates at low pressure to prevent damage to central heating system
  • Will dislodge sludge and scale build up when using appropriate Protex cleansers.
  • Improve the performance and efficiency of a central heating system

Technical Data:


Power: 0.25 kW
IP Rating: IP 54
Max Pressure: 2 bar
Working Temperature: 50 - 55°C
Tank Capacity:  27 L
Dimensions: 58cm x 45cm x 30cm
Flowrate: 20 – 25 l/min (Approx)
Weight: 13 kg