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Flamco Airfix D 8 - 35L

Flamco Airfix D Expansion

Vessels 8L - 35L

Flamco carries a wide range of expansion vessels, equipped with innovative technology. Both the steel shell and the membrane are made of top quality materials and guarantee a long service life. The Airfix D Expansion Vessels are 'through-flow' vessels, meaning that they are specially constructed so that they regularly 'rinse' themselves with fresh mains water. In this way, still, stagnant water, which is associated with the formation of detrimental bacteria, such as legionella is eliminated from the water supply. As a result, the quality of the potable water is maintained. As the interior of the vessel is especially coated there is no chance of the water coming into contact with untreated steel even in the event of damage to the internal diaphragm.


  • Internally Coated Corrosion Resistant Steel
  • Special Butyl Rubber Diaphragm  
  • Includes Special Brass Flow Dividing T-piece
  • Eliminates the Formation of Unwanted Bacteria
  • Nitrogen Gas Pre-Charge
  • Internationally Approved and Certified.
  • CE Approved
Technical Data:  
Vessel Material: Steel – Internal Corrosion Resistant Coating
Diaphragm Material: Special Butyl Rubber
Sizes: 8L, 12L, 18L, 25L, & 35L
Colour: Aluminium (RAL9006)
Maximum Pressure: 8 bar
Pre-Charge Nitrogen Pressure: 4 bar
Maximum System Temperature: 120ºC
Diaphragm Temperature Range: 1 - 70ºC
Conforms To: PED 2014/68/EU
Approvals: CE Approved




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