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3 Port Diverter Valve


The 3 port spring return diverter valve with optional auxiliary switch has been designed to be used on central heating systems which when correctly wired with an appropriate room thermostat, cylinder thermostat and programmer will control the flow of water from the boiler to either the hot water cylinder or to the central heating system.


  • Forged Brass Valve Body
  • Irish Size Connections
  • 230Vac Motor
  • Impedance Protected Motor
  • Supplied with 1 Meter Cable
  • Easily Detachable Motor Housing
  • CE Approved

Technical Data:


Valve Body Material: Forged Brass
Actuator Housing Material: Stainless Steel
Sealing Material: NBR Rubber
Inlet/Outlet Connections CxC:  ¾” & 1” Irish Compression to EN 1254-2
Max Static Pressure: 8.6 Bar
Max Differential Pressure: 0.7 Bar 
Operating Temperature: 60°C
Max. Operating Pressure:  5 - 88°C 
Voltage Rating: 230Vac
Power Consumption: 6 Watts
Auxiliary Switch Rating: 3(1)A
Rated Impulse Voltage: 2500 V
Max Ambient Temperature: 50°C
Approval: CE Approved