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Schuller Central Heating Programmer


The Schuller SH99 is a feature packed 7 day 2 channel electronic programmer permitting independent control of Central Heating (CH) and Hot Water (HW). Used in conjunction with Schuller Heating Controls it will provide total control over temperature and time. It features an industry standard back plate making it suitable for both new and retrofit installations.


  • Simple Operation
  • Advance & 1 Hour Boost Facility
  • Universal programming: Daily, Weekend, Weekday & 7 Day
  • 3 On/Off Periods (6 settings)
  • LED Indicator Lamps
  • Includes Frost & Room Stat
  • CE Approved

Technical Data:


Thermostat Housing Material: Plastic
Colour: White
Backlight Colour: Blue
Temperature Range: 0 - 35°C 
Voltage Rating:  230 Vac
Backup Battery: 3V dc Lithium CR2032
Switch Rating: 3A Resistive. 1A Inductive
IP Rating: IP20
Back-Plate: UK & Irish Standard
Conforms to: BS EN60730-1
Approval: CE Approved