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hotun Clip-On Water Detector


The Tundish provides a clear viewing area to visibly see when an unvented system is discharging due to an error condition. The hotun SF tundish can also be fitted with an audible electronic water detector. The detector can senses presence of water and temperature in four stages (up to 20°C, 20-60°C, 60-85°C, >85°C) giving the plumber a better indication of fault when triaging the issue over the phone, giving increased chance of first time repair. The detector gives an audible and visual alarm is simple to install and can save water and energy.


  • Audible & Visual Alarm
  • Saves Water & Energy
  • Battery Operated
  • Prevents Unnecessary Breakdowns
  • Easy Installation
  • CE Approved

Technical Data:


Material: Acetal Co-polymer
Colour: White
Sizes (Outlet x Inlet): Universal
Maximum Temperature: 120°C 
Warning System: 4 Stages 
Battery: 2032 Coin Cell, Supplied
Approval: CE Approved


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