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Eco-Economiser Sheep Wool Cylinder Jackets


The Eco-Economiser Sheep Wool Cylinder Jacket is made from 100% 80mm thick sheep wool insulation enclosed in a thick cotton cover and is safe, natural, sustainable, eco-friendly and is a better performing insulation than fibre wool. The wool is mechanically bonded and washed with soda and soap and treated for anti-moth with Borax. It is available to fit a nominal cylinder size and capacity of 36” x 18” (900mm x 450mm) 35 Gallons (160Litres). Fixing straps and full list of installation instructions are included which each jacket supplied.


  • Up to 60% Heat Loss Saving
  • Easy to Apply
  • Fixing Straps Included
  • Made from 80mm Sheep Wool Insulation
  • Hazard free resulting in reduced bronchial agitation
  • Safe, natural, sustainable, completely renewable and eco-friendly

Technical Data:


Insulation Material: 80mm Sheep Wool Insulation
Jacket Material: Un-Bleached Cotton
Thermal Conductivity: 0.039 W/mK
Cylinder Size – Gallons (Litres)  36” x 18” - 35 Gallon (160L)
Temperature Range:  -10°C to 80°C