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Economiser Climaflex


Climaflex is a closed cell polyethylene flexible foam pipe insulation with a 9mm Semi Slit Wall. It features a Closed Cell Structure which makes it suitable for use both internally and externally. It repels the ingress of moisture and insulates against heat loss up to 105 C. It is particularly effective for the thermal insulation of domestic heating and plumbing pipe work for energy conservation and frost protection. Because of its low thermal conductivity, Climaflex reduces the loss of heat from distributors in plumbing and heating installations by up to 80%.


  • Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam
  • CFC and HCFC free
  • Ignition Resistance: Will not Ignite
  • Suitable for External Use
  • Semi Slit Wall, Easy Application

Technical Data:


Insulation Material: Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam
Colour: Grey
Wall Thickness: 9mm
Pipe Diameters: ½” (15mm, ¾” (22mm) & 1” (28mm)
Thermal Conductivity: 0.38 W/mk @ 40°C
Ignition Resistance: No ignition source A & B (BS 476)
Water Vapour Permeability: μ ≥ 16000 (DIN52615)
Water Absorption: 0,5 % vol. after 40 days (DIN 53495)
Noise Damping: Up to 23 dB(A) (DIN 52218)
Temperature range: -45 °C to +105 °C
Approvals: CE Approved