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Economiser RadFlect


RadFlect is a laminated insulation cladding made up of three layers, the combination of which contributes to a reduction of your energy costs and is easily applied behind radiators. The first reflective layer consists of aluminium foil, designed to direct the outside temperature away from your home. The second reflective layer, is also aluminium foil which reflects heat back into the room that would normally be lost from your house. The third layer which is the main body is formed from a bubble wrap arrangement which stores heat energy between 14-20ºC that would otherwise be lost. It is available as 600mm wide rolls in 2.5m, 5m and 10m Lengths


  • Prevents Heat Loss from Home
  • 600mm Wide
  • Easy to Apply
  • Fixing Strips Included
  • Various Lengths Available
  • Use behind any Radiator
  • Easily Cut to Size

Technical Data:


Insulation Material: Aluminium & Polyethylene
Colour: Bright Aluminium Finish
Roll Width: 600mm
Roll Lengths & Area: 2.5m (1.5m²)
  5.0m (3.0m²)
  10m (6.0m²)
Weight: 100g per Metre