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3/8" Fusible Head Fire Valve


The standard 3/8” Fusible Head Fire Valve will isolate the downstream supply of oil should the hand wheel be turned to the off position, or should the heat from a fire melt the soldered link on the hand wheel. The Screw Cap consists of two parts, an outer section, and an inner circular block, which is gripped in the cap with a low melting point solder. When the valve is subjected to a temperature of about 85OC, the solder melts and the inner block is released allowing an integral spring to slam the valve spindle C closed, shutting off the oil supply.


  • Fusible Head Fire Valve
  • 3/8” BSP Female Threads
  • Complete with 10mm compression adaptors
  • Shuts Off at around 85°C
  • Replacement Heads Available
  • Manual On/Off for appliance servicing

Technical Data:


Valve Material: Brass
Valve Seal: Nitrile
Inlet / Outlet Connections: 3/8” BSP Internal Thread &
  10mm Compression Fittings
Nominal Shut-down Temperatures: 85°C
Suitable for Use With:  Kerosene