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Saffire Remote Acting Fire Valve


The Saffire Remote Acting Fire Valve is a fast acting thermally operated valve with a spring loaded trip mechanism and sealed temperature sensing system. It consists of a bellows housed in a brass body, capillary tube and a sensor phial. The valve will close when the temperature at the sensor phial reaches the set value. It will remain in the shut-off condition until the appropriate action has been taken to restore normal operating conditions and the reset button has been pressed. It can also be closed manually by pulling the reset button.


  • Approved to OFTEC OFS E 101:2015
  • Suitable to use with bio fuels
  • Manual reset button
  • ¼” BSP Parallel threads
  • Available in 65° or 90° shut off temperature settings
  • Manual On/Off for appliance servicing

Technical Data:


Valve Material: Brass
Sensor Phial & Capillary: Copper
Valve Seal: Nitrile
Inlet / Outlet Connections: ¼” BSP Internal  Thread
Capillary Lengths: 1.5m (5ft), 3m (10ft), 6m (20ft), 9m (30ft) 
Nominal Shut-down Temperatures: 65°C & 90°C
Maximum Gravity Inlet Pressure: 2 bar (30 psi)
Maximum Suction Pressure: -0.8 bar (-12 psi)
Suitable for Use With:  Kerosene, Diesel & Biofuels B30 + B50
Nominal Flow Rates:  
Kerosene: 56 litres/hour at 1 Meters Head
  85 litres/hour at 2 Meters Head
Diesel: 50 litres/hour at 1 Meters Head
  76 litres/hour at 2 Meters Head
Approved To: OFS E101-1998
Oftec Certificate Number: 0962091701 (65°C) & 0962091702 (90°C)


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