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Hose Union Nozzles & Connectors


The Hose Union Connector features a 10mm barbed hose union tail for the easy connection of a gas hose. The nozzle is made from strong and durable brass and will work in multiple and universal applications. The 3 way & 4 way fittings are used to connect 8mm orange rubber gas hose to BS3212 together. There is also a range of hose union nozzles to connect or to male iron and female iron from 1/8” to ½” BSP fittings or directly onto ½” Irish copper pipe.


  • Hose Union Nozzles
  • Made from Brass
  • 10mm Barbed Connection
  • Numerous Configurations
  • Good Mechanical Strength
  • Multiple & Universal Applications

Technical Data:


Material: Brass
Application: Propane & Butane
Application:  Propane & Butane
Max Service Temperature:  60°C
Working Pressure: 20 bar
Hose Diameter: 8mm
Inlet Connection: 10mm Barbed Hose Union
Outlet Connection: 10mm, 1/8”, ¼”, 3/8”, ½” BSP
  & ½” Irish Compression


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