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1.5 kg/hr Low Pressure Regulator


The Standard 1.5 kg/hr regulator is designed to be used on cylinders supplying Propane gas appliances requiring an inlet pressure of between 1 and 16 bar, and requiring operating outlet pressure of 37 mbar. It is fitted to any propane cylinder fitted with a hand wheel and Irish propane Valve. It is designed to give fixed low outlet pressures to domestic appliances such as stoves, cookers, BBQ’s and Patio heaters. The cylinder must be installed externally and the vent on the regulator pointing downwards to prevent water ingress. No attempt should be made to adjust the pre-set outlet pressure of the regulator.


  • Propane Gas Regulator
  • Capacity: 1.5 kg/hr
  • Irish Size Swivel Nut
  • Inlet Filter
  • Easy Installation
  • Conforms to EN12864

Technical Data:


Regulator Material: Aluminium
Gas Type: Propane
Capacity: 1.5 kg/hr (21kW)
Service Temperature:   -20°C to 50°C
Inlet Pressure Range: 1 - 16 bar
Outlet Pressure: 37 mbar
Inlet Connections: Irish Size Propane Nut
Outlet Connection: Hose Nozzle – Dia. 10mm
Conforms to: EN12864