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4 kg/hr Low Pressure Regulator


The 4 kg/hr low pressure regulator is designed to be used on cylinders supplying Propane gas appliances requiring an inlet pressure of between 1 and 16 bar, and requiring operating outlet pressure of 37 mbar. It is fitted to any propane cylinder fitted with a hand wheel and Irish propane Valve. The cylinder must be installed externally and the vent on the regulator pointing downwards to prevent water ingress. The regulator is pre-calibrated by the manufacturer and does not require any regulation but does provide the engineer with a degree of adjustment to provide the correct pressure settings.


  • Propane Gas Regulator
  • Capacity: 4 kg/hr
  • Irish Size Swivel Nut
  • Inlet Filter
  • Relief Valve Incorporated
  • Engineer Adjustable
  • Conforms to EN13785

Technical Data:


Regulator Material: Alloy
Gas Type: Propane
Capacity: 4 kg/hr (55kW)
Service Temperature:   -20°C to 50°C
Inlet Pressure Range: 1 - 16 bar
Outlet Pressure: 37 mbar
Relief Valve Pressure: 75 mbar
Inlet Connections: Irish Size Propane Nut
Outlet Connection: Hose Nozzle – Dia. 10mm
Conforms to: EN12864