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Wall Mounted Gas Regulator with CSR & OPSO


The 4 kg/hr low pressure regulator is designed to be used on cylinders supplying Propane gas appliances requiring an inlet pressure of between 1 and 16 bar, and requiring operating outlet pressure of 37 mbar. The regulator is fitted with the new LPG safety system including Consumer Safety Reset (CSR) Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO) developed by Clesse which enables the consumer to reset the regulator should the gas pressure exceed recommended limits, protecting appliances and property.


  • Propane Gas Regulator
  • Capacity: 4 kg/hr
  • Irish Size Swivel Nut
  • Wall Mounted
  • Safety Relief Valve
  • CSR & OPSO Incorporated
  • External Use Only
  • Conforms to EN16129

Technical Data:


Regulator Material: Alloy
Gas Type: Propane
Capacity: 4 kg/hr (55kW)
Service Temperature:   -20°C to 50°C
Inlet Pressure Range: 1 - 16 bar
Outlet Pressure: 37 mbar
Relief Valve Pressure: 75 mbar
CSR OPSO Setting: 125 mbar
Inlet Connections: Irish Size Propane Pigtail
Outlet Connection: ½” BSP with Test Point
Conforms to: EN16129