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GT2 Turbo Torch with Map or Propane Gas Refill


The GT2 Turbo Torch is manufactured from strong durable brass & stainless steel, providing a high working temperature for faster soldering. The Valve incorporates a fine tune regulating valve that’s offer precise control of the flame. The torch is fitted with a trigger ignition and the tip can swivel through 360° for ease of use. The torch can be used with both Map & Propane gas bottles. Map Gas (Yellow) is a high temperature gas similar to acetylene for use with the turbo torches when brazing or soldering copper pipes. The refill contains 453g of Map Gas and cannot be refilled by the customer. Propane (Red) operates at a lower temperature than Map Gas and is suitable for general engineering applications. The refill contains 400g of Propane gas and cannot be refilled by the customer.


  • Self-Igniting Trigger
  • Precise Flame Control
  • Tip Swivels through 360°
  • High Temperature Fast Soldering
  • Good Mechanical Strength
  • CE Approved

Technical Data:


Torch Material: Brass
Application: Map & Propane Gas
Working Pressure: 0.5 - 5 bar
Conforms To: CE Approved
Map Gas Refill  
Refill Gas Volume: 453g
Bottle Colour: Yellow
Gas Composition:  Propane, Propene & Dimethyl Ether Mixture
Max Storage Temperature:  50°C
Shipping Name: UN3161- Flammable Gas Class 2.1
Propane Gas Refill  
Refill Gas Volume: 400g
Bottle Colour: Red
Gas Composition: Propane
Max Storage Temperature: 50°C
Shipping Name: UN1978 - Propane Class 2.1