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Boiler Bleed Valve


The Boiler Bleed Valve facilitates immediate expelling of air from an air locked oil line to a boiler. This button operated bleed valve is both simple to operate and easy to install, just screw directly in into the air vent plug on the oil pump. The valve comes with four bleed outlet holes, when installed screw the bleep pipe into the hole pointing downwards and ensure that the other holes are plugged with the stainless steel screws supplied.


  • Universal Fitting
  • Use in a Conventional Oil Burner
  • Button Operated
  • Screws Directly Into Air Vent Plug
  • Simple to Operate
  • Easy Installation

Technical Data:


Valve Material: Full Brass Construction
Application: Fuel Oil (2.5 cSt Kerosene) 
Oil temperature: 60° C max
Screw Connection: 1/8” BSP External Thread
Seal: 1/8” Bonded Seal Washer
Dimensions: 70mm x 18mm
Weight: 100g


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