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Tiger Loop Bio Oil De-Aerator


The Tigerloop Bio is designed to be compatible not only with standard mineral fuels like C2 kerosene and class D gas oil (BS 2869), but also bio-liquids produced to BS EN 14213 and bio-liquid/mineral fuel blends up to B100. Tigerloop Bio combines the advantages for the fuel pump of a two-pipe system with advantages for the tank of a one-pipe system. When using a one-pipe system and Tigerloop Bio, only the amount of fuel used by the burner is drawn from the tank. As flow of fuel decreases, so does the amount of dirt particles transported from the tank. This results in cleaner combustion. The pressurized return line to the tank is removed, thus eliminating the risk for leakage. A large amount of air bubbles are released when fuel is drawn from the tank to the fuel burner. These air bubbles cause breakdowns, increased soot and excessive wear on the fuel pump. By automatically and continually de-aerating the fuel, Tigerloop Bio eliminates all such problems.


  • Automatically Removes Air
  • Less Breakdowns
  • Reduces Oil Consumption
  • Suitable for Internal & External Use
  • Wall Bracket Included
  • Easy Installation

Technical Data:


Max. Nozzle Capacity: 110 l/h (90kg/h)
Max Oil Flow: 230 l/h (190 kg/h)
Max Ambient Temperature: 70°C
Max Operating Temperature:  70°C
Max Operating Positive Pressure: + 0.5 bar
Max Operating Negative Pressure: - 0.6 bar
Pump Connections: ¼” BSP Internal Thread
Tank Connection: ¼” BSP Internal Thread


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