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Universal Oil Pump


The Delta Universal Fuel Unit type VU is an efficient and modern oil burner pump, provided with bilateral delivery ports and suitable for clockwise and counter clockwise rotation. Since its mounting flange, hub and shaft sizes are manufactured to international standards and can be fitted to every oil burner. This fuel pump can be converted from the two pipe version to the single pipe version by removing the by-pass plug from the return port.


  • Universal Components
  • Includes Accessories Kit
  • Reversible Rotation
  • Selectable left or right hand nozzle
  • Single or Double Line Operation
  • For use with low Viscosity Fuel Oil
  • Not Suitable for use with Bio-Diesel, Water or Acid
  • Easy Installation

Technical Data:


Application: Fuel Oil (2.5 cSt Kerosene) 
Oil temperature: 60° C max
Pressure range: 6 - 18 bar
Working Pressure: 10 bar
Suction line vacuum 0,5 bar max
Suction line pressure: 0,7 bar max
Return line pressure: 0,7 bar max
Rotation speed: 3500 RPM max
Shaft & Hub Dimensions: Hub dia. 32mm, shaft dia. 8mm
Strainer: Nylon, mesh 150­, 20 cm²
Standard coil: 230Vac 50/60 Hz, 9W


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 Delta VU Data Sheet