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Vermiculite Fire Board


Vermiculite Fire Board can be used for a multitude of high temperature insulating applications such as for use as a heat shields, register plates or a replacement fire brick. It is suitable for all applications up to 1000°C and is easy to cut and shape with a hand saw, craft knife, jigsaw, pad saw, hack saw, fret saw and most wood work cutting and shaping tools. Vermiculite board is 25mm thick and is available in three sizes. We can provide brick or reeded pattern vermiculite boards to order. We can also provide other designs against written or drawn customer specification.


  • Rigid Fire Resistant Board
  • Suitable for all applications up to 1000°C
  • Easy to Cut and Shape
  • 25mm Thick
  • 3 Sizes Available
  • Non-Hazardous Safe to Handle
  • Easy to Install

Technical Data:


Material: Exfoliated Vermiculite
Colour: Light Brown
Service Temperature: 1000°C
Density: 600 kg/m³
Thermal Conductivity: 0.2 W/m k
Specific Heat Capacity: 0.2 W/m k
Thickness: 25mm
Standard Sizes: 300mm x 250mm
  300mm x 500mm
  1000mm x 600mm


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