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Hot Water Cylinder Safety Group


The Excel Industries hot water cylinder safety group is designed to reduce the incoming pressure to a safe and acceptable 3 bar for the supply of domestic cylinders. It incorporates a line strainer, balanced cold feed take-off, a non-return valve, pressure relief valve and a connection for the expansion vessel.


  • ¾” Irish Compression Inlet/Outlets
  • Integral Strainer
  • Balanced Cold Water Take Off
  • Pre-Set Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Incorporates Single Check Valve
  • Dedicated expansion Vessel connection c/w Blanking Plug
  • Rotating Expansion Relief Valve

Technical Data:


Valve Material: Brass - DZR
Hydraulic Seals Material: EPDM
Strainer Material: Stainless Steel
Medium: Water
Inlet/Outlet Connections: ¾” Irish Compression
Expansion Tank Connection: ¾” Female BSP
Safety Valve Outlet ½” Irish Compression
Maximum Upstream Pressure: 10 bar
Pressure Setting: 3 bar (non-adjustable)
Safety Relief Valve Setting: 6 bar
Service Temperature: 4°C to 100°C