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End Feed Capillary Fittings

End Feed Capillary Fittings


End Feed Fittings, manufactured in Copper and are a fast, reliable and economic method of joining BS EN 1057 copper tube. End Feed Fittings connect to copper tube through the process of capillary action with solder forming an easy, effective joint between the fitting and the tube. They are lightweight for easy handling and lend themselves well to confined environments due to their compact sizing.



  • Full Bore Fitting
  • Available in sizes from 15mm to 159mm
  • Copper fittings manufactured to EN1254-1
  • Designed to connected to BS EN 1057 tube
  • WRAS Approved
Technical Details:  
Fitting Material: Copper Tube
Metric Size Fittings: 15mm – 159mm Conforms to EN 1254-1
Maximum Temperature: 110°C
Minimum Temperature: 0°C
Maximum Pressure: 16 Bar @ 30°C (see data sheet for details) 
Conform to: EN 1254-1
Jointing Method: Soldering or Brazing
Approvals: WRAS Approved