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A Non-Return Valve allows liquid to flow in one direction only. The valve is only opened when there is a flow of water, thus if the flow stops or if there is a back flow of water the valve closes. The spring check non return valve can be used vertically, horizontally or in oblique angles; an arrow is stamped on the body to indicate the direction of flow. Valves are available with both female BSP threaded connections ranging in size from ½” through to 2” and with Irish size compression connections ranging in size from ½” – 1” on either side. A stainless steel strainer is available separately which allows the non-return valve to be also used as a foot valve.



  • Install Horizontally, Vertically or Oblique
  • BSP thread sizes from ½” to 2" BSP
  • BSP Threads in accordance with ISO228
  • Irish Compression Sizes from ½” to 1"
  • Compression Ends Conform to EN 1254-2
  • Strainer available separately

Technical Data:


Fitting Material: Brass
Non Return Plate: Brass
Spring Material Stainless Steel
Seal Material: Rubber
BSP Female Threads on Inlet / Outlet: ½” – 2” BSP Conforms to ISO228 (BS2779)
Irish Compression Inlet / Outlet: ½” to 1" IR Conforms to EN 1254-2
Maximum Temperature:  80°C
Minimum Temperature: 0°C
Max. Operating Pressure:  16 Bar