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PP Compression Fittings

Polypropylene (PP) Fittings

Excel Industries stock an extensive range of Polypropylene Fittings for use in domestic, commercial & agricultural installations.  Gripmax PP compression fittings are a quick and cost effective way to join normal gauge & heavy gauge LDPE pipes. The Replast Universal PP compression fitting is designed to cater for a very large disparity of external pipe diameters and cover most if not all of pipe types found in Ireland today. IBC connector fitting are used to convert to outlet on an IBC tank or 20/25 Litre drum to either a male or female BSP connection. Dinking trough float valves are strong and durable and control the flow of water to drinking troughs. Click on an image below to find more information on a particular product.


Gripmax Fittings

RePlast Fittings


IBC Connectors Trough Filling Valves