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The Mini Trough Filling valve from Gripmax is a compact design suited to confined spaces for filling and maintaining the water levels in small feeder bowls, troughs & header tanks. There is a diffuser fitted in the ½” BSP tail on the inlet to the valve to reduce turbulence and noise. The float arm is fitted with an easily adjustable clamp to allow the user set the water level in the tank.


  • Easy & Quick to Install
  • Compact Design
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Adjustable Float Arm
  • ½” BSP Inlet
  • Suitable for Top Entry Tanks

Technical Data:


Body & Nut Material: PVC
Seat Material: Rubber
Float Size: 95mm x 50mm
Inlet Connection: ½” BSP
Maximum Temperature: 80°C
Minimum Temperature:  0°C
Maximum Pressure: 10 Bar @ 20°C
Flow Rate (Mains Pressure) 7 l/min @ 1.5 Bar