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PushTite Fittings

PushTite Fittings


PushTite Fittings & Valves can be used with both copper and plastic tube (for plastic tube the correct inserts must be used) in the sizes ½” & ¾”. The real benefit of the push-fit method of pipe connection lies in its simplicity. There are no complex skills required, no naked flames and no special tools. The fitting can be easily demounted if modifications are necessary. PushTite Fittings are suitable for most above ground applications found in the household water services, including domestic hot and cold water and both vented and unvented heating systems (within the permitted temperature and pressure levels). PushTite fittings are not suitable for use on gas installations.



  • Full Bore
  • Heat Free Installation
  • Compatible with Copper & Pex
  • Fully Demountable
  • Irish Sizes from ½” to ¾”
  • Conform to EN 1254-6
  • WRAS approved
  • Above Ground Use Only
Technical Data:  
Fitting Material: Brass
O-ring Material: EPDM
Grab Ring Material: Stainless Steel
Irish Size Fittings:  ½” & ¾” Irish Pipe
Maximum Temperature: 95°C (see table below)
Minimum Temperature: 0°C (see table below)
Maximum Pressure: 16 Bar (see table below)
Conform to: EN 1254-6
Approvals: WRAS Approved


Temperature & Pressure:

Tube/Pipe used with
Min Temperature  Max Temperature
0°C at 16 bar  30°C at 16 bar  65°C at 10 bar 95°C at 6 bar 
0°C at 12 bar  20°C at 12 bar  65°C at 6 bar  92°C at 3 bar