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Butterfly Handle Ball Valves


Butterfly Handle Ball Valves are operated by turning an aluminium handle with your thumb and forefinger a quarter of a turn depending weather you wish to open or close the valve. They are very quick and easy to use and also have the advantage of not offering much resistance to the flow of liquid. The valves come with ½” – 1” BSP connections in three different configurations - Female Iron (FI) both sides - Male Iron (MI) one side with Female Iron on the other and - Female Iron one side with with Male Iron Union nut on the other. These valves are typically used on potable water and heating system installations were space to operate the handle is limited.


  • Full Bore


  • Compact, ideal were space is limited


  • Female Iron sizes from ½” to 1" BSP


  • BSP Threads in accordance with ISO228
Technical Data:  
Valve Material: Brass – CW617N
O-ring Material: EPDM
Ball Seat Material: PTFE
Valve Inlet/Outlet FIxFI:  ½” – 1” BSP Conforms to ISO228 (BS2779)
Valve Inlet/Outlet Irish FIxMI:  ½” – 1” BSP Conforms to ISO228 (BS2779)
Valve Inlet/Outlet Irish FIxMI union: ½” – 1” BSP Conforms to ISO228 (BS2779)
Maximum Temperature:  100°C
Minimum Temperature:  0°C
Max. Operating Pressure:  16 Bar