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Miniature Isolation Valves


Miniature Isolation Valves are available in both Irish sizes (½” & ¾”) and Metric Sizes (15mm & 22mm) with compression fittings on either side. Irish Sizes come in either a light or heavy pattern and the metric sizes are available in light pattern only. Miniature isolation valves are commonly used on any pipeline that branches off from the main line. This enables the individual branches to be isolated eliminating the need to drain down the complete system which can be costly and time consuming. The valves are operated by opening or closing the ball valve using a flat head screw driver. The Irish size light pattern also comes with a plastic lever operated version.


  • Light & Heavy Patterns Available
  • Compact, ideal were space is limited
  • Irish Compression Sizes:  ½” & ¾”
  • Metric Compression Sizes: 15mm & 22mm
  • Compression Ends Conform to EN 1254-2
  • WRAS Approved

Technical Data:

Valve Material: Nickel Plated Brass - CW617N
O-ring Material: EPDM
Ball Seat Material: PTFE
Valve Inlet/Outlet Irish CxC:  ½” & ¾” IR Conforms to EN 1254-2
Valve Inlet/Outlet Metric CxC: 15mm & 22mm Conforms to EN 1254-2
Maximum Temperature:  85°C
Minimum Temperature: 0°C
Maximum Pressure 10 Bar
Conforms to: BS6675
Approvals: CE Approved (Metric Sizes Only)