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Pump Valves


Pump Valves are fitted either side of a central heating circulating pump, they allow you to isolate and remove the pump for repair or replacement. This means the installer does not have to drain down the central heating system which can be time consuming and expensive. These valves come with either a ball valve or a gate valve operation in two sizes – ¾” & 1” compression or BSP connections on the heating system side and a 1½” Swivel nut on the pump side of the valve. The pumps valves come in a pair and are supplied with fibre washers


  • Full Bore
  • Compact, ideal were space is limited
  • Female Iron sizes from ¾” & 1" BSP
  • BSP Threads in accordance with ISO228
  • Compression IR sizes from ¾” & 1”
  • Compression Ends Conform to EN 1254-2

Technical Data:


Valve Material: Brass
O-ring Material: EPDM
Ball Seat Material: PTFE
Valve Inlet/Outlet Female Iron:

¾” & 1” BSP Conforms to ISO228

Valve Inlet/Outlet Irish Compression:  3/4” & 1” IR Conforms to EN 1254-2
Pump Swivel Nut:

1½” BSP Conforms to ISO228 

Maximum Temperature:  100°C
Minimum Temperature:  0°C
Max. Operating Pressure: 10 Bar