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Service Valves


Service Valves are available in both Irish sizes (½” & ¾”) and Metric Sizes (15mm & 22mm) and come in either a straight or elbow pattern. Service valves come with a compression fitting on the inlet and a FI swivel nut on the outlet, they are uni-directional and an arrow is stamped on the body. They should be fitted before the inlet to a tap or any appliance so that it can be isolated and easily removed if necessary. The valves are operated by opening or closing the ball valve using a flat head screw driver.


  • Straight & Elbow Patterns Available
  • Irish Compression Sizes:  ½” & ¾”
  • Metric Compression Sizes: 15mm & 22mm
  • Compression Ends Conform to EN 1254-2
  • WRAS Approved

Technical Data:

Valave Material: Nickle Plated Brass - CW617N
O-ring Material: EPDM
Ball Seat Material: PTFE
Valve Inlet/Outlet Irish CxC:  ½” & 2” IR Conforms to EN 1254-2
Valve Inlet/Outlet Metric CxC:  15mm – 22mm Conforms to EN 1254-2
Maximum Temperature: 60°C
Minimum Operating Temperature: 0°C
Maximum Pressure: 10 Bar
Conforms to: BS6675
Approval: WRAS Approved (Metric Sizes Only)