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Stopcocks are a screw down valve type and are fitted in straight run of pipe which is under high water pressure. The inlet and outlet sides of the valve have compression connections and are available in 3 sizes - ½”, ¾” and 1”. It is very important that the valve is fitted the right way around so that the water passing through pushes up on the jumper for this reason an arrow is stamped on the body indicating direction of flow. We provide two types of stopcocks the first is the standard hand operated valve and the other type is an underground stopcock, to close this you require a square stopcock key which is welded to the end of a steel rod, this type of valve only come with ¾” compression connections.



  • Above & Below Ground Versions


  • Compression Sizes from ½” – 1”


  • Compression Ends Conform to EN 1354-2


  • Conforms to BS 1010-2
Technical Data:  
Above Ground Valve Material:  Brass
Below Ground Valve Material:  Bronze 
Packing Material:  PTFE 
Seal Material:  NBR / EPDM 
Valve Inlet/Outlet Irish CxC:  ½” – 1” IR Conforms to EN 1254-2
Maximum Temperature:  80°C
Minimum Temperature:  0°C   
Max. Operating Pressure:  10 Bar
Conforms to: BS1010-2