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Dedicated Pump Supply

Dedicated Pump Supply


Purpose designed to provide a direct and dedicated hot water supply from the cylinder to any pumped outlet such as booster pumps, Manual Mixer Showers or a Thermostatic mixer and without interfering with the normal hot water draw off to taps and fittings The Excel Cylinder Flange as it is also known ensures an independent hot water supply to your shower at a constant temperature, even when the other hot water taps are turned on, allowing you to shower in comfort. It is very easy to install. There are no holes to cut in the cylinder, so the cylinder guarantee is not affected, and only a small amount of water needs to be drained when the device s fitted.




  • Fits cylinder with 1" FI BSP Outlet


  • Built in Air Vent


  • Deflector on the Inlet


  • Will not Affect Temperature at Hot Taps


  • Outlet to Vent 1” MI BSP


  • Outlet to Pump ¾” BSP



Technical Data:    
Cylinder Connection:                           1” Male Iron BSP
Outlet to Vent/Taps:    1” Female Iron BSP
Outlet to Pump/Shower:    ¾” Female Iron BSP
Feed Pipe:    22mm x 135mm long Copper Pipe
Maximum Pressure:    3 Bar
Maximum Temperature:      90°C
Weight:    380g