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Float Lever Arm Slider


The Float slider arm is used when you need to shorten the length of a brass float valve lever or the thread at the end of the existing lever is damaged. The slider arm features a 7mm hole through its center that will fit onto most standard 6” & 8” brass float valve levers with the threaded portion removed. When in the correct position the slider arm is held in place by tightening the 11mm AF screw at the top of the slider At the opposite end of the slider arm is a 12mm long 5/16 BSW thread which connects to the ball float.


  • Traditional Design
  • Full Brass Construction
  • Easy to Install
  • Time Saving
  • Economical
Technical Data:  
Material: Brass
Finish: Natural
Float Lever Hole Diameter: Ø 7mm
Ball Float Thread: 5/16 BSW
Clamping Screw Spanner: 11mm Across Flats
Weight: 18g